Stickman @ 5/7/2019 06:22 commented on Enlisted Ranks

I'm very happy to see this many people participate in this challenge. It's been quite a while since I saw that many participants. Some lovely entries. Well done everyone!

Stickman @ 5/7/2019 01:48 commented on "Bad company" mockup


Stickman @ 4/29/2019 10:03 commented on I'll trade a magic trick for a vase

So the challenge is to pixel a face with those colours? Or is there also something else?

Stickman @ 4/14/2019 02:31 commented on The last station

Grass work foliage are top notch. Love it!

Stickman @ 4/3/2019 16:52 commented on Anybody seen my glasses?

Thank you very much and nice to see you back:)

The wip - this was the most that I could do with getting a hand drawn stereoscopic effect. Anything other than a starfield background for me - it was just too much of a headache to achieve anything good.

I look forward to seeing your results.

Stickman @ 3/10/2019 13:38 commented on Big Bird

No worries:)

You should try creating a Stereoscopic image too. Would be good to see another artists approach.

Stickman @ 3/7/2019 12:10 commented on We must not touch Fathers settings

Very nice!

Stickman @ 3/4/2019 15:59 commented on Big Bird

Here is a dirty wip:

Stickman @ 3/4/2019 12:00 commented on Big Bird

Hello guys and gals: I  updated the stereo scopic effect now that the comp is over. It works WAY better now, even though the order of the layers isn't right:

Just by changing the colour of the stars to Red/Cyan - it's made a huge difference.

I think that when appproaching stereoscopic  hand pixelling on complex shapes, it's good to have simple background shapes in Red/Cyan and let them do the work for you to produce the effect. Then have your foreground objects coloured using a greyscale palette.

Stickman @ 2/27/2019 04:11 commented on Visorhead [nudity]

Nice scene

Stickman @ 2/24/2019 16:31 commented on Descendant

A great piece of work indeed.

Stickman @ 2/23/2019 02:15 commented on StereoScopic Man

@Ghostbrain: Thank you very much for the information on 3d Cinema glasses. I doubt I'll be able to get images working with those glasses anytime soon, which is a shame as they are probably more available than the red/cyan glasses.

I think that the letters work okay - but I haven't pulled it of with the actual character which is unfortunate. I've learn't a bit ore about stereoscopic images and I will attempt this again with a more simpler object, as it involves a lot more work to really get it right.

Stickman @ 2/22/2019 17:15 commented on Big Bird

Thanks Manupix.

I'm not keen on the "cross eyed" technique or 2 image viewing style. I want to attempt the more 3d red/blue technique.

My own piece - your correct that it doesn't work well enough. I think the letters work okay, but the actual character itself doesn't. I may need to make the separation more obvious by having the main outline, the red and also the blue more further apart from each other as well as making it more saturated like you said.

When it comes to overlapping, I'm just going to have to overlap them with a layer of 50%, then take that colour and repixel in order for it to be accepted on PixelJoint. I think that's the only way to make it work.  I should probably try to execute this on an easier shape like a cube or something.

I'll attempt this on the next competition if I have time.

Stickman @ 2/22/2019 02:43 commented on Big Bird

Anyone know where I can find a good example of hand made "StereoScopic" pixel art?

I'm tempted to give it one more try. If I could figure a good way of doing it, then I could produce it more efficiently without destroying my eyes in the process!

Stickman @ 2/19/2019 08:58 commented on strawberry

Lovely! Almost want to pick them off my screen and start eating.

Stickman @ 2/18/2019 01:49 commented on Big Bird

Does anyone know when this current "Supernatural" challenge ends? I want to try and make some adjustments on my entry.

Stickman @ 2/8/2019 02:02 commented on Meat Candy

Very nice. My eyes go straight to the blue character in the middle.

Stickman @ 2/8/2019 02:01 commented on Pig

Wonderful scene.

Stickman @ 1/2/2019 06:48 commented on avatar 2

Fantastic work on the headscarf. My only nitpick is that the neck doesn't seem as defined as the face? (but this could just be me).

Regardless - this is beautiful!

Stickman @ 10/14/2018 15:50 commented on Tower 16A

Glad to see you back with a cracking piece.

Stickman @ 7/28/2018 04:06 commented on Self Portrait

Oooo - I like the way you used the palette in this one, though the inside of ear could use some of the black and brown to give it a bit more depth.

Anyway - nice pic:)

Stickman @ 7/24/2018 08:38 commented on ...

The details along with the colour choice on the floating building is just beautiful.

Stickman @ 7/18/2018 06:19 commented on Cottage

Very cute:)

Stickman @ 7/18/2018 06:16 commented on Dust

Nicely framed.

Stickman @ 7/6/2018 14:57 commented on Freek-a-Leek Inanna

That's some tight pixelling! Very nice.