me7356 @ 1/24/2008 16:07 commented on Big Bird
And Adarias is gay for you.

me7356 @ 4/10/2007 18:33 commented on Mario Blocks
I think I'll do that.

It should be done tonight.

me7356 @ 8/16/2006 22:53 commented on For Brian
As soon as I saw this, I knew it was Brian-related. XD

Very nice penguin.

me7356 @ 8/15/2006 00:03 commented on purple pen0r Avat0r
You are insane, or god.

me7356 @ 8/8/2006 20:38 commented on Big Bird
OMG Happy brithday Sedge.

Though not technically, as it is only your day of creation here.

me7356 @ 8/7/2006 19:25 commented on Mario Blocks
Actually, that's unfinished, and I didn't realize it at the time of uploading.

me7356 @ 6/15/2006 14:17 commented on The Spartan
When I saw this, my pupils climaxed.

Maybe you didn't need to know that.

me7356 @ 4/6/2006 18:54 commented on RPG Mockup
I am going to take a moment to say WOW. OMG THAT'S SO FUCKING AWESOME!
Well, now the moments over. It's still insanely good, though.

me7356 @ 3/27/2006 19:10 commented on Big Bird
Ha, I posted a white ninja link some time ago. White Ninja is the shit on ice.

me7356 @ 3/26/2006 09:48 commented on Big Bird
I have some pets. A dog and 4 gerbils. Erm, 3 gerbils, one of them died last night from an unknown sickness. It was the first one i got, that birthed 20 kids that we gave away.

R.I.P. Jitters the gerbil - 2004 - 2006

me7356 @ 3/16/2006 17:40 commented on Treasure
That's a pretty god damn sexy chest.

me7356 @ 2/21/2006 16:03 commented on White Ninja
You are my new hero, White Ninja is the best!

me7356 @ 2/19/2006 08:40 commented on Flippy
This is so awesome. I now have a new god.

me7356 @ 2/19/2006 08:31 commented on Alien Hatchery

They look kinda like the Zerg eggs in Starcraft.

me7356 @ 2/13/2006 05:02 commented on All I have to do is dream...
5 and Fav.
The clouds are orgasmic.

me7356 @ 2/9/2006 13:54 commented on Happy valentines 2006
This is eerily happy, and scares me to death, yet very nicely done.

It makes me strangely happy. It's evil!

me7356 @ 2/5/2006 18:34 commented on Big Bird
Ew. Don't see Brokeback Mountain, it's really sick, and the storyline makes little to no sense.

me7356 @ 2/5/2006 16:44 commented on Swimming Pool
I'm not saure if this is real or not, there are some parts that seem pixeled, though some also seemed faked, but I guess this can be achieved by reducing the colors and editing it.

A "3" for now, until I'm sure if this is real or not. If it is, then a 5 for you.

me7356 @ 2/4/2006 10:48 commented on Somber Frog
wow, I was just in Disney World in November. We rode that ride, and I really hope they don't screw this up. It's a great ride, and it better not become plagued with Disney Propoganda, as almost every Disney thing has.

me7356 @ 1/28/2006 21:42 commented on Unknowns
Reminds me of Ogmo.

me7356 @ 1/25/2006 16:49 commented on Big Bird
Yes, my objective has been completed.

me7356 @ 1/24/2006 16:28 commented on Big Bird

We need more posts here. Who's with me?

me7356 @ 1/22/2006 10:53 commented on Room 01
I have some crits.. The first is, the bed and shelf aren't isometric, so it just looks messed up. The wall shading, for some reason, just doesn't look appealing at all.

Of course, you still a good job. The bed, in my opinion, is well done.

me7356 @ 1/19/2006 16:06 commented on Mountains
Ah, so r!x has arrived. Welcome to where I go instead of the HGC or whatever the hell it is now.

I remember this one.

me7356 @ 1/16/2006 18:16 commented on 'Sheridan' wannabe
Wow, I saw this, and I'm like "It's by Brian the Great". I wasn't wrong. Pretty good.