Marina @ 11/1/2017 13:11 commented on The Mummy Demastered

This is too much for my health... You're awesome, I love it

Marina @ 9/3/2017 14:03 commented on Bunker

This is very interesting!!! Good luck to everyone who participate

Marina @ 9/2/2017 10:26 commented on #operationsamusreturns

Is not actually a "finished version", but just another alternative version. You can see all of them here:

Thank you!!

Marina @ 9/2/2017 07:53 commented on #operationsamusreturns

Thank you!! I did 3 versions about it, but here in PJ I choosed this one. I am glad that you like it :)

Marina @ 8/19/2017 04:55 commented on New Tristram Mock-up

I am a Diablo fan, and I love this (and the old version as well).. I wish I could play this game if it exist someday haha

Good job

Marina @ 7/19/2017 05:03 commented on Warped Caves Game Art

This is absolutely beauty. For a moment, I believed that you did this for the movement #operationsamusreturns

Good job!

Marina @ 7/5/2017 10:57 commented on Internal Conflict

This one is my favorite of your whole gallery.. Believe me, you're too good on this.

Marina @ 7/5/2017 09:28 commented on Sansy Devito

Reminds me the style of many Sega Genesis videogames. Great work haha

Marina @ 7/5/2017 08:34 commented on Pwnguins Emoticons

Is my favorite pixel art program and it's always interesting to hear what the creator have to say about, specially what's the motivation for him to create the program.. He do it for one friend, and then almost all pixel artists use it now days

Even if the GG is free now, I'm glad I paid the licence many years ago if it supported the mantainance of the program anyhow (that's why I am using an old version, even if I can use the new.. Maybe I'm too lazy).

Thank you very much for this Hapiel, and thanks to Tomoya for this fantastic program.

Marina @ 7/5/2017 08:05 commented on Lifemother

Gosh...  This looks like the best pixelated games from the amiga...

Marina @ 7/5/2017 08:02 commented on metroid 64

Pixel art that is made in the c64 style, normally is harder to get the point on it and do something with a big quality.. but if you do it good, it's very interesting and cool to see. You did it good, of course, and Metroid is one of my top 2D games... :)

Marina @ 7/5/2017 07:54 commented on Nyan Nyan

This is mind blowing O_O............ (in a good way)

Marina @ 7/5/2017 07:48 commented on practice_999

How I didn't see this before... Since I was a child that I love to create a very tiny characters, drawing as a traditional art... and what I used to draw looks very alike this, but yours is better of course :)

Marina @ 7/5/2017 07:43 commented on Ember Storm

I love the colors, the details... The image is big, so... I can imagine that you took a long time and patience to finish it. Congratulations, when I was at your age, I was not even half good on pixel art as you are. And still... I think you're better than me now too

Marina @ 7/5/2017 07:35 commented on Acolyte atack [Blasphemous]

Tienes un nivelazo animando cosas... estoy muy sorprendida de tus trabajos en eso específicamente.

I don't know if you are from spain, but just in case: Your animation skills are very good, I'm amazed by your art because of this...

Marina @ 7/5/2017 07:28 commented on The Warthog and the Frog

I love both of them.

Marina @ 7/5/2017 05:36 commented on Skeletor

My childhood in there... Great palette, and good pixel art generally. :D

Marina @ 6/30/2017 18:16 commented on ARMS Spring vs Ribbon

I was about to do a fanart about Arms as well (but I want to draw Helix), in a short future... So.. is very cool to see that someone did it already, and very well done.

Marina @ 6/30/2017 18:14 commented on iDracula Title

OMFgosh :O This is one of my weak points... doing titles for videogames. This one is amazing

Marina @ 6/30/2017 18:09 commented on Wild West Saloon OCB

¡¡Sí!! Con pc nuevo :P

Marina @ 6/30/2017 18:08 commented on Wild West Saloon OCB

This is a big compliment comming from you, and I can say the same with Hapiel. Thank you very much

Marina @ 6/29/2017 15:40 commented on Wild West Saloon OCB

I didn't fix the image xD

Thank you for everything. I know it's a bit dark, but I'm using the same palette of the game, but I choosed only 18 colors of it to make it looks more like the old western movies (the palette is still weird)

Marina @ 6/26/2017 07:13 commented on Bunker

I absolutely love this, also the other picture that you show before than this one

Marina @ 6/20/2017 15:33 commented on Illusion of Gaia

You should, this 'pixel maker' app saved my life the time that my computer was broken. It's a very good program. Is a bit limited if you compare it with Graphics gale, also, the canvas can`t be bigger than 200x120. Anyway, the program is good, easy and confortable to use.

Thank you all!

Marina @ 6/12/2017 15:05 commented on Robot Graveyard

Thank you all. Yes, you all are right, I have no excuse, it's too dark. But I can't use other colors, the palette is made right from the start in the development of this game, and unfortunally, when I did the palette, I did it with a old pc with a bad screen quality :(

Anyway, the intention was to create a palette with dark and saturated color, such like the Ega palette. I think in the final version of the game, you will be able to adjust the contrast and lighting of the game. I am not sure, but I will talk with my mate about it to make sure :)