Hapiel @ 3/23/2018 01:53 commented on Alien Walk Cycle

I don't know what it is but it just seemed very resemblant of his style! :)
The tutorial is here and some more of his walk cycles here..

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 18:25 commented on Big Bird

News relevant to an earlier discussion:

If you now go to the "Submit Pixel Art" page, you'll see a new rule:

10. Pixel art needs to be submitted unscaled. It is not necessary to submit "zoomed in" or "2x" versions of your artwork as we have a zoom function built-in and submitting at the smallest scale allows for proper displaying on all devices.

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 18:02 commented on Alien Walk Cycle

Nice work! Welcome to PixelJoint :D
Is this inspired by the Manning Krull tutorial?

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 17:58 commented on Final Flash!

Nice animation! Sadly this is too rough pixel wise, a lot of drawing was done scribbly and this artwork is not much about the relationship between individual pixels, which makes it unfit for the gallery. Sorry!

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 17:56 commented on Bandit (Renaine)

Four colors even, as the black on the BG is different from the black of the sprite outline! haha

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 17:52 commented on Big Bird

That's a really nice find! Thanks!

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 17:07 commented on Wendigo Character Portraits

Yes it is, it very strongly suggests that some computer algorithm modified your piece, which makes it unfit for the PJ gallery.

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 08:03 commented on 200AD cover

Definitely an improvement again! Now there is more room to play with the colors if you like, see if you can select some that make the piece even more interesting! Keep it up :D

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 07:53 commented on Castle in the Sand

Nice work! Sadly there are too many non pixel art elements in here such as the gradients, glow, textures which make it unfit for the gallery. Do you have a 'clean' version of this piece too?

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 07:51 commented on Bunny Hop

Welcome to PJ! This is a nice start, but it seems rough and has the potential to be so much more. Why don't you take it to the WIP forums so we can help you work on it?

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 01:15 commented on Monsters

Hihihi, these are cute! Is that a cookie monster mask with a ribbon? :D

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 01:12 commented on Dead Battery.

Could you reupload the main file? Something seems to have gone wrong and now it's gone...

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 01:11 commented on Door

It's not bad CMW, but it's very minimal and you've shown that you can do better!...

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 01:10 commented on Hart Shaped Hands

Welcome to PJ Shen! The hands are alright but could use some cleaning up, perhaps some more contrast. Why did you choose to draw a gradient in the background? I think it will look much cleaner with solid colors for the sky and sea and beach!

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 01:07 commented on Wendigo Character Portraits

Hi, something must have gone wrong in the making process, you have over a thousand unique colors in here! Could you fix that please?

Hapiel @ 3/22/2018 01:00 commented on Dilapidated buildings

Besides of being too large for nice display on PJ, this work also has over 1200 colors. How did you end up with such a high color count?

In it's current state it is a bit unsuitable for the gallery, sorry...

Hapiel @ 3/21/2018 17:41 commented on After humans..

Gorgeous! Great colors and composition, and a lot of attention to pixel detail!

Why are some of the plants out of this world, but the human artifacts seem to be from the present? Should we expect an plant-like alien invasion coming for us in the next decade?

Hapiel @ 3/21/2018 13:05 commented on Big Bird

From on today the birthday listings on the front page are again sorted by points! Happy birthday vic! 

Hapiel @ 3/20/2018 09:00 commented on flagbearer

Thank you cure for your important historical research in pixel art, and thanks for reaching out to Lauretta. It is a wonderful interview and I had great pleasure in reading it!

Hapiel @ 3/19/2018 16:56 commented on Epic 90's Journey Head Jumping

Hahaha, those eyes popping are great!

Is this a screengrab instead of a handmade animation? Some weird things are going on, the animation of the slimes, the leaves on the left and the score seems odd. Also the mohawk character outlines are blinking, and it's a shame that the jumping guy never actually lands but always hovers a couple pixels above the mohawk...

Hapiel @ 3/19/2018 04:39 commented on Three Yokai

Frosslass?? I had to look that up haha, that was definitely not around in the three generations I played

Thanks for the clarification :)

Hapiel @ 3/18/2018 11:04 commented on Three Yokai

Fun work! I especially like the yellow clothed demon guy. What are Yokai? 

Hapiel @ 3/17/2018 13:16 commented on Gameboy - "Song about love"

Could you please submit this unscaled? Thank you :)

Hapiel @ 3/17/2018 09:36 commented on mythical animal

Nice work :). What was your goal for this "practice"?

Hapiel @ 3/16/2018 16:57 commented on Mechanic's Workshop

Nice work, lots of details!

Can you please submit this unscaled?

Also, you have a loooot of colors :o, 896!