Hapiel @ 1/17/2018 05:36 commented on Femme

See here :)

Hapiel @ 1/16/2018 13:01 commented on My Fourth Pixel Art

Hey Brillie,

I'd be happy to put the ships in the gallery in their current state, however not this mockup. It has many many stray pixels and the planets are very rough, altogether it has 106 colors! If you want to fix up this one the two single ships are a bit redundant, or if you prefer you can remove this one and I'll let the other two in :)

Hapiel @ 1/16/2018 12:57 commented on Femme

Hey Jack, you keep on submitting this, but it's not getting much better, or a higher score in the queue! Perhaps take it to the WIP forums to receive some feedback on it? Thanks!

Hapiel @ 1/16/2018 12:53 commented on Big Bird

PA or NPA? I think this discussion needs more input, and I've made a list of examples.

Hapiel @ 1/16/2018 00:09 commented on Hit-Dragon Ball Super

Please submit this without background (transparency) and unscaled, at 1x zoom. Thank you!

Hapiel @ 1/16/2018 00:05 commented on Him the Oracle

Nice work, but watch your color count! :o 188?

Hapiel @ 1/15/2018 04:13 commented on Big Bird

i would do it in graphics gale, if you loose oversight you can export to sprite sheet and fix from there 

Hapiel @ 1/14/2018 06:25 commented on Commissions

Wonderful work, I'm especially fond of how you drew all the different hairstyles!

Hapiel @ 1/14/2018 06:21 commented on Bouncy Selfie-Pixel

Could you please submit this unscaled, at 1x zoom? Thank you!

Hapiel @ 1/12/2018 17:24 commented on Ogre Behemoth Redux

Wonderful sprite, but it has over 600 colors! Could you fix that please? Thanks!

Hapiel @ 1/12/2018 17:23 commented on null space

Nice work, but something must have gone wrong in the creation process, it has over 200 unique colors! can you look into that?

Hapiel @ 1/12/2018 03:44 commented on pixel island

Could you please submit this unzoomed? Also I highly recommend using more contrast between your colors! Thanks

Hapiel @ 1/12/2018 03:27 commented on Big Bird

You are correct, and feel free to message me or Pyrometal :)

Hapiel @ 1/11/2018 13:39 commented on Big Bird

I guess pROB (and possibly iSTVAN as well) has a big interest in perverse and extremely uncomfortable work. I think it's interesting as a commentary on the kind of actions we get comfortable with through video gaming, and the video kept me engaged and interested somehow. I would encourage people to make high quality trash like this, it's just that after seeing this video I kinda wanna see a psychologist...

Hapiel @ 1/11/2018 07:57 commented on Big Bird

Oh wow ew arg ewww..! Nicely made, but that story makes me very uncomfortable! Also, that intro was too long, haha

Hapiel @ 1/11/2018 01:26 commented on Big Bird

Just a bit over 2 weeks left for the News Icon Competition. Who's going to take the "most entries" prize?

Hapiel @ 1/11/2018 01:24 commented on Stray Pixels Icon

I was going to mention "most entries" but then you already did in your description :p. Good luck haha!

Hapiel @ 1/11/2018 01:23 commented on Award News Icon 2

Nice fix :p

Hapiel @ 1/11/2018 01:16 commented on Self-portrait pixel

Could you please submit the main image unscaled? at 1x zoom? thank you!

Hapiel @ 1/11/2018 01:14 commented on Chasing Stars

This is really nice! could you please submit the main image unscaled, at 1x zoom? (like the preview) Then I can add it to the gallery :)

Hapiel @ 1/10/2018 13:04 commented on 3G01SM

Sorry for the late takedown, but we were correctly notified that with the gradients in this piece it doesn't currently fit in the gallery. Sorry!

Hapiel @ 1/10/2018 12:58 commented on Award News Icon 2

Don't forget though that you have more space than this, this one is 40x40 but the challenge suggests (requires, but we'll let it slip through) 50x50!

Hapiel @ 1/10/2018 08:24 commented on Award News Icon 2

nicee! Keep m coming :D

Hapiel @ 1/10/2018 04:47 commented on uocI smeN

I haven't tested it, but 99% confident it will work. Hasn't been added because I've been busy, will add it soon :)

Hapiel @ 1/8/2018 10:40 commented on uocI smeN

we'll definitely get this on the front page some time, haha!