Mulchdiggums @ 10/9/2006 19:08 commented on galaga_ship
this is better than the xbox 360 arcade one

Mulchdiggums @ 9/23/2006 18:08 commented on Zangoose

Mulchdiggums @ 9/17/2006 18:25 commented on The Blade of the Feather
you should try doing some AA to the blade

Mulchdiggums @ 9/17/2006 18:21 commented on Necromancer

found the original

Mulchdiggums @ 9/13/2006 20:53 commented on Simple Coin Spin
It looks really flat.

Mulchdiggums @ 9/11/2006 16:43 commented on Skeleton

i was in a subway about 2 minutes before from the bombings 


Mulchdiggums @ 9/11/2006 15:57 commented on Kingdra
just try finishing it up... somehow

Mulchdiggums @ 9/8/2006 07:24 commented on Grim Reaper (Reaping)
just fidgit around with it 

Mulchdiggums @ 9/5/2006 18:32 commented on Grim Reaper (Reaping)
then the speed is in the opposite area fromwhere it should be

Mulchdiggums @ 9/3/2006 17:09 commented on Grim Reaper (Reaping)
shouldn't he be reaping the other way around? (clockwise)

Mulchdiggums @ 8/31/2006 09:57 commented on مسجد
is that pillow shading I see?

Mulchdiggums @ 8/29/2006 20:46 commented on Temple of life
one of your brodges look weird

Mulchdiggums @ 7/3/2006 23:51 commented on Xavier
the video download button is now covered by advertisements

Mulchdiggums @ 6/19/2006 08:07 commented on Beast
custom painted black leather seats wheres the map

Mulchdiggums @ 6/16/2006 07:47 commented on Bedhead

good idea Lawrence!

the thing is most of them are traffic lights with green yellow and red lights, so it may not show, but i really do not know

Mulchdiggums @ 6/16/2006 07:34 commented on Nanobat
the bat told me it wants eyes

Mulchdiggums @ 6/15/2006 18:33 commented on Big Bird
a new skin? alsome!

Mulchdiggums @ 6/15/2006 07:56 commented on BtG maloART Sheraton Animation
cool an animation!

Mulchdiggums @ 6/13/2006 07:31 commented on Beast
whats the chance of finding it...

Mulchdiggums @ 6/10/2006 18:55 commented on L'il Moon
why not if it looks nice it tastes nice

Mulchdiggums @ 6/10/2006 06:22 commented on Disneyland
thats disturbing in a weird sort of way...

Mulchdiggums @ 6/10/2006 06:14 commented on Pixel Moon
thats a lot of cities

Mulchdiggums @ 6/9/2006 21:00 commented on LOL, FISH
yay he did it!!!

Mulchdiggums @ 6/9/2006 20:54 commented on Bat BTG Av
yet another one!

Mulchdiggums @ 6/9/2006 07:11 commented on LOL, FISH
oooh come on use it its better than your old avatar!