pyxelbit @ 7/22/2019 15:25 commented on Pixel hunters

Lovely. Too bad tide did a retraining to warrior :D

pyxelbit @ 7/15/2019 10:35 commented on Fraktur font "ARYAN"

fun fact: the german beer brand warsteiner changed their logo with the old long s a few years ago because people outside of germany (and even in germany) would read it as warFteiner :D

pyxelbit @ 7/15/2019 10:29 commented on Fraktur font "ARYAN"

i wrote a paper about this topic in art history class at university a while ago, and if i remember correctly:

there is a official edict from 1941 that says the fraktur must not be used in official documents, street signs, newspapers etc. (all print products) and should be replaced as soon as possible.

it was (probably) still in use after that because they did not have the ressources to replace it everywhere while at war.

the reason for the ban according to the edict is that blackletter is not german but jewish. but the real reason ist most likely that people outside of germany and in german occupied countries could not read any signs, newspapers etc.

pyxelbit @ 7/14/2019 07:17 commented on Fraktur font "ARYAN"

the history of the german typography is a really interesting one:

the nazis actually banned the fraktur later on in favor of the antiqua.

Maybe add some characters like ä ü ö and ß or even the old long s (ſ)?

pyxelbit @ 2/8/2019 02:54 commented on Digital Numbers

Shia LaBeouf!

pyxelbit @ 1/9/2019 16:06 commented on Android

not sure about the background, but the shapes and shading are spot on!

pyxelbit @ 1/9/2019 16:05 commented on Bulbasaur

nice colors and shading, but the nostrils look a llittle like a small mouth for me :D maybe because the mouth is usually a little higher up?

pyxelbit @ 1/9/2019 16:02 commented on Cold weapon

love the bold colors and the simple shading. a little aa would be nice i think

pyxelbit @ 1/9/2019 16:00 commented on Tavern

very nice and belieable. maybe a little less noise and some more irregularities would be good?

pyxelbit @ 1/9/2019 15:59 commented on Phosphate of calcium

love the colors and the simplified grass. almost like a modern painting

pyxelbit @ 1/9/2019 15:58 commented on When nature calls

it looks so smooth and colorful D:

pyxelbit @ 1/22/2018 12:44 commented on Hearthstone Card: Fireball

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jeeeeeeenkins!

pyxelbit @ 6/8/2017 13:33 commented on Trusters FTL game

copying or redoing sprites from games is a good way to learn, but since its not your sprite it doesnt belong in the gallery. It also has way to many colors, maybe due to jpg compression

pyxelbit @ 4/10/2017 16:24 commented on waterfalls battlefield

ripped sprites and artworks is a big thing in the perler and crossstitch community unfortunaly

pyxelbit @ 2/16/2017 15:57 commented on 8x8 Tile Font

Thanks to everyone :)

pyxelbit @ 2/16/2017 15:56 commented on 8x8 Tile Font

no, no plans at all, although i think it would look cool on a big poster

pyxelbit @ 2/4/2017 18:30 commented on Mayan/Aztec Tileset

actually no, i guess i should make one :D

pyxelbit @ 2/3/2017 03:15 commented on Flash Game Mockup

@wasteboy @monsi we ended up using the background, but with a way simpler tileset. you can see it here

pyxelbit @ 2/3/2017 03:13 commented on Mayan/Aztec Tileset

@Ireenaart Thank you :) im still working on it and trying to add more stuff

pyxelbit @ 2/3/2017 03:12 commented on Mayan/Aztec Tileset

@monsi Thank you :) im still working on it. i added a few more seamless tiles already, and changed the gap between the tiles to 1 pixel. Also im still working on the colors. im trying to reduce it a bit.

The idea is to have 4 tilesets with 4 different palettes based on the elements. for example a water temple with flowing water and stuff, or the sun temple with lava and fire. i hope this will add enough variety

pyxelbit @ 9/28/2016 17:10 commented on Experiment

@Taertage i actually did this after studying different fui (futuristic user interface) designs, including a few game HUDs, and i was thinking incorporating this into a small game, maybe even the whole game in a style like this. (WARNING! no pixelart! :P) (slightly similar style)

pyxelbit @ 9/28/2016 17:09 commented on Experiment

wow, did not expect this to go out of the queue after a few days, thanks to all of you :)