Morbidus @ 4/29/2019 00:47 commented on Terraria Pixel Art's logo

I like the glowless version a lot. Not sure about the glow, makes the drawing look blurry.

Morbidus @ 4/14/2019 05:01 commented on Undead Dragon

I actually had a version with a darker BG, but I didn't know if single-color backgrounds were permitted here after all. Thanks for the advice, I've uploaded that one now.

Morbidus @ 10/8/2018 11:25 commented on German longsword guards

Good points, thanks. I've added head movement now, and idle time at the positions that are labeled.

Morbidus @ 8/9/2017 04:11 commented on Halflings

'Forgotten Battles'. It's a TBS.

Morbidus @ 7/6/2017 20:39 commented on A Necromancer's Chess

I removed one of the colors.It should be fine now.

Morbidus @ 12/24/2016 02:12 commented on Defeat Screen

I tried to make the blur. I'm not sure how that worked out; sometimes it seems fine, but sometimes I see that lone frame of an arrow appearing out of nothing, which is not very good.

Morbidus @ 12/13/2016 07:52 commented on Xenoid

That's the first time I see a challenge with a minimum color count. Feels weird.

Morbidus @ 6/23/2016 09:45 commented on Ye Olde Morrowind Tale

Hi. Thanks for the critics, even though I haven't found a way to fix most of this yet. The light source is supposed to be in the upper left. Now I tried to make the lower right parts of characters darker. As of detail on the buildings, that's just how they are in the original game, like here (come to think of it, they're reminiscent of the gigantic, but simple-shaped buildings like the Egyptian pyramids or ziggurats). Since this is a demake, I don't feel I can add much to the cantons. I made the main walls darker to make the closer parts stand out, though.

Morbidus @ 6/22/2016 23:17 commented on Wesnoth game my units

Perhaps, you should put the final version as the prevew? Right now this preview is a draft.

Morbidus @ 1/25/2016 06:44 commented on LRRH 2093

Mmph mmmmph VMMMRY coolph mmph fire MMMMMPH!

Morbidus @ 11/11/2015 07:14 commented on Death Scythe

Can the portraits also include hands or are they restricted to faces and nothing else?

Morbidus @ 6/27/2015 08:44 commented on Septagram

It isn't truly an element in this system. Instead, such pure magic is composed of two opposite elements (for example, Fire and Ice of Life and Death).

Morbidus @ 11/27/2014 10:14 commented on Heavy weapons dwarf

Well, I have tried, but dwarf's armor blends into the sky this way because their colors have the same brightness.