aeveis @ 5/9/2016 22:19 commented on Pixel hat


aeveis @ 7/23/2015 23:55 commented on Dancing snader

woahhhh, it's different. I would say very least there's just a lot of padding that doesn't need to be there (more new and featured art would be nice too). Very cool!

aeveis @ 6/1/2015 17:09 commented on Flash

Like the smears, very nice!

aeveis @ 5/29/2015 11:59 commented on Hit 'Em Baby!

very nice, love the punching animations!

aeveis @ 4/7/2015 10:44 commented on isodead tiles

Thanks! :) 

(also fixed the preview)

aeveis @ 3/16/2015 01:45 commented on Pihouse

great colors!

aeveis @ 3/13/2015 11:03 commented on Warp Weasel

Thanks! I'm not on the project team, but it has been very exciting.

aeveis @ 2/22/2015 19:11 commented on Wooden Sheep Waves

Thanks! maybe I can do something to make shadows more obvious. Joint-wise I ended up texturing everything as single pieces which probably added to the weirdness.

aeveis @ 2/18/2015 16:36 commented on Red egg.

very useful, thanks!

aeveis @ 2/17/2015 21:54 commented on official StarrMazer vs Galak-Z crossover

Very nice! Love the engine effects.

@CELS You can kickstart their game ... so it is almost real.

aeveis @ 2/3/2015 10:09 commented on Decked Out

This is pretty amazing!

aeveis @ 1/13/2015 20:01 commented on Angry fluffball

cute! I like how you did the shadow in the fur.

aeveis @ 1/5/2015 19:48 commented on Meatball Parm

very nice!

aeveis @ 12/19/2014 23:38 commented on click bawk caw

cute! love the colors!

aeveis @ 12/1/2014 22:45 commented on Birdy Doctor

I like how you did the highlights in the hat, and the different color feathers!

aeveis @ 11/20/2014 18:12 commented on perfectly normal boar demon abomination

love the form you got out of the shape!

aeveis @ 11/7/2014 21:47 commented on Four Fine Forest Friends

very cute! the contrast seems strongest on the squirrel, not sure if you were going for that or if you wanted it to be softer color-wise.

aeveis @ 11/7/2014 21:45 commented on Golden Angel 2

so strange, you get a good sense of weight from the legs. I like the neutral blues and the oranges.

aeveis @ 11/5/2014 23:33 commented on Golden Angel 1

very nice, love the blues in the skin, with the oranges.

aeveis @ 10/29/2014 23:26 commented on Portable Potable Potions and Lotions

cute! love the color palette!

aeveis @ 10/29/2014 18:01 commented on Centipede Monster

wow, very creepy. nice use of colors :O

aeveis @ 10/19/2014 19:15 commented on Pumpkin Patch

nice, love the change in expression and the color change! well animated.

aeveis @ 9/25/2014 20:59 commented on A Pile of Tires

wow, very nice job on MooseBox!

aeveis @ 9/13/2014 20:28 commented on 8 Color Practice #1

good start for a mockup!

As for the explosion - I think it could either work as an explosion or cloud, I think the problem is that there's no context as to why the explosion is there. Is it the player? The shadow of the explosion also looks more rushed and is only using one color.

I think it's good to practice what you mentioned in the description, but as a game mockup, you need to consider how all these elements come together. What kind of game is it? What purpose do the large square platforms have? You don't have figure out all the precise details, but there has to be enough for people to have a general idea of what it is.

Hope that helps!

aeveis @ 9/6/2014 19:48 commented on #1

nice animation, with the hands especially!