Mandrill @ 8/13/2017 07:16 commented on Rob Jeeeeez

Absolutely got my vote! Sick piece.

Mandrill @ 8/10/2017 07:59 commented on Big Bird

All on Monday. :)

Mandrill @ 8/9/2017 07:18 commented on Dino Eggs

Such a lovely illustration!

Mandrill @ 8/9/2017 03:10 commented on Big Bird

Back online! Challenges will continue next monday.

Mandrill @ 8/6/2017 06:49 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Looks really great, could be a set piece for a Metal Slug game!

The only thing that looks a bit off are the extremely dark tires. A lighter midtone with more details could help to improve the piece even more.

Mandrill @ 8/5/2017 16:27 commented on bullshit shrine thing

Like I said before. It does look like a digital painting.

Just amazing!

Mandrill @ 8/5/2017 16:20 commented on Zhrek

Wow, extremely thoughtful cluster placement and colour usage. Already got my vote. Amazing piece.


Preview over 10kb!

Mandrill @ 8/5/2017 07:52 commented on Those guys again

See kids! Keep pixelling and you will improve.

Mandrill @ 8/4/2017 11:55 commented on Big Bird

8. Bildergebnis für king kong 1933

Mandrill @ 8/1/2017 11:10 commented on Ork Shaman

Something neutral. A light greyish brown for example

Mandrill @ 8/1/2017 08:32 commented on Mario Bros Mockup

No worries, Dex. Yeah, that one was quite different.

Mandrill @ 8/1/2017 03:41 commented on Mario Bros Mockup

Your canvas can be smaller but not larger than 150x150. The way you want to present the character is totally up to your creativity. A portrait, a scene or even a tiny 32x32 sprite anything goes.

Mandrill @ 7/31/2017 18:30 commented on Moregames Logo

Damn, Andy. Love the fine details, especially the sun rising over the beach in his shades!

Mandrill @ 7/31/2017 18:27 commented on Chubby One

I think that's down to personal preference ;)

Mandrill @ 7/31/2017 18:26 commented on Ork Shaman

Some unrefined clusters here and there, but overall a really cool piece! I'm a sucker for orky portraits. :P

A few minor things that stick out are a missing dark shadow colour on his face and the red backround which hurts the presentation imho.

Mandrill @ 7/31/2017 08:04 commented on Chubby One

It not supposed to look realistic or even semi realistic. However, it helps smaller sprites to stand out.

Mandrill @ 7/31/2017 08:02 commented on Mario Bros Mockup

No, the zombie doesn't have to drool in your piece!

Mandrill @ 7/31/2017 06:15 commented on Chubby One

The design is fantastic! One thing you could do is edge highlighting. I always did that on my warhammer 40k miniatures back in the day.

Here's a quick paintover to show you what I'm talking about.


Mandrill @ 7/26/2017 13:57 commented on I hate this planet...

You must have already faved it. ;)

Thank you very much btw.

Mandrill @ 7/26/2017 04:50 commented on Space Marine Boltgun

Really cool looking pixels.

Now gimme those so that Papa Nurgle can do his thing! I love everything 40k btw. ;) In fact, almost half of my gallery consists of Warhammer related works.


Mandrill @ 7/25/2017 08:58 commented on Infinite Rage


Mandrill @ 7/25/2017 08:49 commented on Emerald Barbarian

What a difference! Really well done.

Mandrill @ 7/24/2017 15:12 commented on Vespa Cosa

@ Weston

That means a lot coming from an artist like you. Thanks a ton, Weston! :)

Mandrill @ 7/24/2017 15:11 commented on Vespa Cosa


Thank you very much, buddy! Your birb piece is just wonderful.

Mandrill @ 7/24/2017 05:37 commented on STS-133

That effect!

Absolutely stunning piece.