Mandrill @ 2/19/2018 04:45 commented on bobtail squid

My cup of tee! Very well done.

Mandrill @ 2/17/2018 07:03 commented on Squished Rex

Great work!

Mandrill @ 2/17/2018 07:02 commented on Pocketsaur

Mandrill @ 2/17/2018 07:01 commented on Rodney


Mandrill @ 2/14/2018 13:44 commented on Wee Mee

Funny idea! The chicken has to be complete though.

Mandrill @ 2/14/2018 13:43 commented on A Steven Warrior

Hehe, thanks guys! Doing my best to keep it.

Nope, never. ;)

Mandrill @ 2/13/2018 10:40 commented on Pink Moon hero

This is ace! Love the candy-coloured hair.

Mandrill @ 2/13/2018 09:26 commented on A Steven Warrior

Thanks a ton, guys! A2J2TIWARI did a bang-up job with this. Be sure to check out his blog and paintings, amazing stuff.

Mandrill @ 2/12/2018 13:53 commented on Wee Mee

@ Pixeldust

Nope, only real animals! However, they can be extinct.

@ Parker

Sure is tiny for a big boy like you

@ Tenebrae

Great, would love to see your entry.

Mandrill @ 2/9/2018 14:15 commented on Purple

This is insane! Perfect ice cream hair.

Mandrill @ 2/9/2018 10:47 commented on the wolves of Timberline

Thanks. Just resubmit and you are good to go. :)

Mandrill @ 2/9/2018 10:16 commented on the wolves of Timberline

Thanks a lot. :)

Yes, the wolves were done by using a transparency layer which is basically a tool not used in pixel art. Tacking the "Transparency" option only refers to the backround layer of a piece (as can be seen below). This is mainly used for sprites or avatars.

Pixel faerie

All layers have to be opaque.

Mandrill @ 2/9/2018 09:48 commented on the wolves of Timberline

It's an amazing piece! Please revisit though! This has transparency layers which are not allowed in the gallery.

Mandrill @ 2/7/2018 04:03 commented on Petrified Peridot

Wozah, very nice. Really love the clusterwork and lighting here. Not to mention the little smile. :)

Mandrill @ 2/6/2018 18:00 commented on Bitter bombing

Mandrill @ 2/6/2018 09:24 commented on PlagueRider [commision]

As mesmerising as always! :)

Mandrill @ 2/6/2018 02:12 commented on Clash of Gods

Some top-notch sprites! Really well done.

Mandrill @ 2/5/2018 09:24 commented on Monsterhunter Dog

Your best piece yet. Well done.

Mandrill @ 2/4/2018 15:13 commented on Space Wyrm

Pretty much perfect! Amazing piece.

Mandrill @ 1/31/2018 05:42 commented on Diddy Kong

You can tell your lawyer that as long as a1 pixel long line is connected to another 1 pixel long line and doesn't appear as a single pixel I'm fine with it.

Mandrill @ 1/30/2018 11:13 commented on Prehistoric Run Cycle

Mandrill @ 1/30/2018 11:12 commented on Astronaut

Clusters here look a lot sharper and better placed compared to your previous pieces.

Nicely done.

Mandrill @ 1/30/2018 11:02 commented on Cat2

Love it!

Mandrill @ 1/29/2018 12:26 commented on Diddy Kong

Yep, fat pixels are ok though.

Mandrill @ 1/24/2018 10:12 commented on I never

I really like the design of the chalice and how you pixelled the spilled drops of wine.