DanielHyaku @ 1/14/2018 12:51 commented on Squirrel & Dove

Oh god, I've only seen your question now. Sorry.

The green is to simulate the old gameboy color scheme.

DanielHyaku @ 10/2/2016 20:30 commented on Flower Power!

Whoa, so I have only compliments for you. You've evolved A LOT since the start of the project :) Will you ever get around to replacing some of the older assets?

DanielHyaku @ 9/21/2016 14:15 commented on Attack Animation

I like your colors :)

The animation is a little off though. You should add some "anticipation" frames and cut some frames during the stick's trajectory to make it more snappy.

DanielHyaku @ 9/14/2016 15:25 commented on Flower Power!

There are several artists working in this game right?

Your pixel art is absolutely gorgeous and completely different from what I've seen of the game so far.

DanielHyaku @ 7/26/2016 10:26 commented on the Wooden Stag

If you have any specific criticism, I would love to hear it :)

DanielHyaku @ 6/14/2016 08:17 commented on SpaceGirl

Oh my, the hair. I love everything about this.

DanielHyaku @ 6/1/2016 11:43 commented on Shadow Summon

This is witchcraft (by which I mean it's absolutely amazing). I'm gonna study the hell out of this.

DanielHyaku @ 5/17/2016 19:48 commented on Acanthus Pattern

I spent a couple of minutes having a little fit before answering because I've been following and admiring your work since I registered at PixelJoint (and still haven't been convinced that you're not actually a wizard).

Thanks a lot for the compliment! It means a lot to me coming from you :)

And yes, Morris' work is amazing. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it in the flesh, but I've worked with the development of an online art history course for over two years, so I've studied Morris ad nauseam for a good while even after design college. Having a good mental 'library' of artists is a must to work in anything creative imo, and makes you sensible to a lot of things in everyday life.

DanielHyaku @ 5/17/2016 12:05 commented on Skull Flash

Oh god, I love this. So simple, so interesting.

DanielHyaku @ 4/30/2016 00:31 commented on 'Look Busy' run cycle

Thanks for the edit!

And yes, that's what I meant the first time. The character will be rendered first and the tiles later, so that since his hitbox won't go beyond the sole of his feet the outline will be obscured by the ground tiles.

If he's standing on a slope, though, part of it will be visible. We're gonna test this out and, if needed, I'll erase the outline manually on the spritesheet afterwards :)

DanielHyaku @ 4/28/2016 10:06 commented on 'Look Busy' run cycle

Oh! You meant here on the .gif! Haha, sorry, I didn't get it the first time. Thanks for the tip. I'll do it just as soon as I get the time.

DanielHyaku @ 4/27/2016 08:27 commented on 'Look Busy' run cycle

Thanks for the tip Adam :)

His hitbox is smaller than the outline, so his feet do touch the ground, but we're keeping the outline so that when he jumps or steps on a slope we can still have it separating him from the background.

DanielHyaku @ 4/27/2016 08:26 commented on 'Look Busy' run cycle

Thanks guys :)

DanielHyaku @ 3/14/2016 12:26 commented on The Recruiter

Whoa, thanks a lot, man. And by the way, though I have been making pixel art for a very long time, I actually suck at drawing, so don't be discouraged.

My advice: keep lurking here on PJ and visit the forums. Everybody here is awesome and willing to help with criticism and references :) There's tons of knowledge to be found here.

DanielHyaku @ 2/6/2016 15:13 commented on the basic Slime

Thanks guys :3

DanielHyaku @ 1/11/2016 14:36 commented on David Bowie, the Goblin King

Wonderful as always, Jinn :) Amazing work and beautiful tribute

DanielHyaku @ 1/11/2016 14:35 commented on David Bowie Labyrinth

Totally came here looking for the tributes. Awesome work man :)

DanielHyaku @ 12/3/2015 09:37 commented on Plumba

Thanks guys! I'll be sure to send your regards to them.

I'll try to convince them to translate the comic to english and print some issures :3 if it's worth for them, I'll let you know.

DanielHyaku @ 11/17/2015 19:30 commented on Mirror knight attack

This looks great :) I'd add a single frame with the "motion blur" of the hammer coming down, though.

DanielHyaku @ 11/10/2015 20:21 commented on Egomonkey - Aim & Walk

Thank you :) and yes, it's for Kimeric Labs' Satellite Rush

DanielHyaku @ 10/27/2015 08:48 commented on Pyromancer

Yeah, I considered that this might have been your intention from the start, but it looked counterintuitive since heat expands air and the blasts happen so fast. Maybe a little bit of rebound on the hair and clothes after the blast would do the trick?

DanielHyaku @ 10/27/2015 08:46 commented on Pyromancer

Yeah, I suspected that maybe that was your intention all along, though it looked counterintuitive since heat expands the air and the blasts happen so fast. In this case maybe a little rebound on the hair direction after the blast could make it clearer?

DanielHyaku @ 10/26/2015 11:19 commented on Pyromancer

Let me be an annoying prick and say that you should reverse the movement of the hair so that when her left hand blasts, her hair "jumps" to the right.

Other than that, this is gorgeous.

DanielHyaku @ 10/22/2015 10:06 commented on A History of Violence

You're a beast <3

DanielHyaku @ 8/29/2015 23:56 commented on Floating Island

Sweet patience. I love it :3