ArmyFrog @ 1/14/2018 14:54 commented on Heart Cut

I don't think this can be considered pixel art. The emphasis is not in the pixel, but rather, on geometric shapes. 

ArmyFrog @ 1/12/2018 21:19 commented on Baby Driver

Why thank you my good man! I've never seen the film, but I plan on doing it soon.

ArmyFrog @ 1/4/2018 14:10 commented on ghost city

Nice, looks much better now!

ArmyFrog @ 1/4/2018 11:28 commented on ghost city

This piece cannot be considered pixel art. It looks like a scaled down photo or drawing, and the color count is far to large. Try remaking this piece by getting rid of all the access colors. From what I see, it can be done in 6-12 colors.

ArmyFrog @ 1/3/2018 16:14 commented on Weirdo ball

I've been into pixel art for years, but I only heard of/joined this site late October of this year. It's been a short time, but it's been a blast. I've already climbed four ranks! I am quite skilled at the art of pixels, but I have loads of things to learn. I'm looking forward to all the amazing artwork that 2018 has to offer!

ArmyFrog @ 12/28/2017 13:01 commented on taiga

Nice piece dwishin 

ArmyFrog @ 12/26/2017 14:33 commented on Highway

Aaaaah I see. Well, I would reccomend making the edges softer, because it looks like the shadow of something close to the ground like a building or a cliffside.

ArmyFrog @ 12/26/2017 06:45 commented on Highway

I love this piece, but, where does the shadow in the forground come from?

ArmyFrog @ 12/26/2017 06:42 commented on Secret Santa Express '17

We've got some hall of fame material right here! I really love the lines in the background, they make me think of a cardboard box.

ArmyFrog @ 12/25/2017 08:57 commented on Me

Does that mean that a piece I made made it to the monthly top? Anyway, congrats on everyone who made it in!

ArmyFrog @ 12/25/2017 07:49 commented on Ensign

Woah. I was NOT expecting Snowman Jump to snag second... anyway, congrats to Arcade Hero!

ArmyFrog @ 12/20/2017 06:48 commented on Explosions 64x64

Very nice work! Welcome to Pixel Joint!

ArmyFrog @ 12/19/2017 13:52 commented on Don Monchito

Amazing, you never fail to impress.

ArmyFrog @ 12/19/2017 05:37 commented on Blink 182 Bunny

Haha! Would you look at that XD

ArmyFrog @ 12/18/2017 11:59 commented on I won't submit

You can improvise. Use some of yout pinks and purples for the AA.

ArmyFrog @ 12/18/2017 10:19 commented on The Deep

The hall of fame truly does a great job uncovering masterpieces like this! I especailly love the jaggedness the piece has. It makes it look much more natural.

ArmyFrog @ 12/18/2017 10:17 commented on I won't submit

Pyro gave some good CC. The area where the streak of stardust touches the mountains is incredibly noisy especially in the reflection where you have black dots.The boat is very jaggy and could use some AA love. The concept is very nice, and overall it's an impressive piece. I get the feeling about not noticing mistakes, it happens all the time for me. Especially the pieces that I spend weeks on. That's why we are here to help point them out!

ArmyFrog @ 12/18/2017 09:56 commented on Il Cubo icon

I was planning on saying this very thing, but I you did it for me. I might to something from The Disaster Artist because I feel like pixelling Tommy Wiseau.

ArmyFrog @ 12/17/2017 21:45 commented on Balanced

Shading would help. When you break it down, the focus is not of the pixel. The focus is on the lines and the shapes. These should be used to help draw focus to the pixel, not be the focus themselves. Shading is gratly helps with this.

ArmyFrog @ 12/17/2017 17:30 commented on TVHead

Why make it so dark?

ArmyFrog @ 12/17/2017 17:18 commented on Minecraft Textures 2

These are very charming!

ArmyFrog @ 12/17/2017 17:17 commented on Sword

Neat, I saw this in the Drawpile

ArmyFrog @ 12/17/2017 16:49 commented on spOokY snowman

Oh wow! I've got some weekly challenge competition here! Very nice work!

ArmyFrog @ 12/16/2017 19:45 commented on Animated Orb

You can edit it and change the image, but I find that it get's all screwed up when I change the image size. Don't worry about it though.

ArmyFrog @ 12/16/2017 18:37 commented on Balanced

Sadly, this piece cannot be considered pixel art. It is known by the community as oekaki art. Please refer to this tutorial to see the difference.