Scarodactyl @ 12/5/2018 22:09 commented on Amalgamates

So clean, so crisp.  Absolutely superb.

Scarodactyl @ 3/29/2018 19:07 commented on ...

Wow.  Great composition and high detail all with excellent pixel tech too!

Scarodactyl @ 12/12/2017 20:43 commented on Big Bird

It seems to work best on things that are already painted in a compatible style--the bricks work great, but the others examples don't look quite as impressive.  Still, I think it could be a really useful tool.

Scarodactyl @ 10/25/2017 18:18 commented on Little Logray

I'm reporting you for stealing my joke!  Plagiarism is not a truffling matter!

Scarodactyl @ 10/23/2017 19:00 commented on Little Logray

100x100?  We don't have that mushroom.

Scarodactyl @ 10/14/2017 15:25 commented on The Gather (inspired by Frankie's WeekendRPG)

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

@Pheno: I can't really take credit for the palette since it was made by Frankiesmileshow but it is definitely a fun one to work with.

@Ptoing:I appreciate the pointers!  I don't know how I missed those stray pixels--I fixed those and tweaked a couple of other things.  I don't think I can really fix the silhouette issues without doing something more drastic but I think this helps a little bit.

Scarodactyl @ 8/12/2017 20:31 commented on Big Bird

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for putting your gallery back up!  I have learned a lot from it over the years and I still really like to go back and reference it so I was sad to see it was down.

Scarodactyl @ 7/25/2017 00:22 commented on Big Bird

Wouldn't mspaintpros use XP paint or earlier anyway?  That was the last version I found particularly friendly for pixel art (relatively speaking).

Scarodactyl @ 5/8/2017 22:54 commented on Big Bird

Is it OK to submit art again?  I don't want to make things harder for the mods.

Scarodactyl @ 5/3/2017 15:08 commented on Big Bird

Whoops.  Sorry, submitted something without reading the chat.  I'll hold off on my other stuff for now.

Scarodactyl @ 4/18/2017 19:15 commented on Trooper

Thank you for doing my very favorite challenge once again :)

Scarodactyl @ 1/23/2017 13:26 commented on Dark City

Looks like the sort of place you might meet a Jibboo:

Scarodactyl @ 1/21/2017 16:47 commented on Mars Templar

This gives me a nice FF:MQ vibe (though of course with much better execution).

Scarodactyl @ 12/22/2016 12:10 commented on Big Bird

Comments feel a bit more social than just likes or favorites, so I've always valued them more.  Favorites are definitely flattering though.

Scarodactyl @ 11/28/2016 08:34 commented on Murder Quest III

" a gender-swapped high fantasy version of the 1989 Patrick Swayze classic 'Road House' done in the style of a Japanese RPG."
This reminds me a bit of how my aunt once described her recipe for pumpkin butter:

"It's just like apple butter, I think.  Except that you use pumpkins instead of apples.  And you don't use the same spices.  And I think you cook it differently too."

I love the look of it!  Very stylish--it reminds me of Adarias's work.

Scarodactyl @ 11/3/2016 21:05 commented on Big Bird

Or just fake it forever!

Scarodactyl @ 10/29/2016 14:40 commented on Doodles

I love the look of these!

Scarodactyl @ 10/29/2016 11:40 commented on Big Bird I hope this is considered to be within the rules despite being a derivative work.

Scarodactyl @ 10/8/2016 13:12 commented on Big Bird


Scarodactyl @ 10/6/2016 10:38 commented on Epic OP Polearm

I love this.  Great idea and great execution.

Scarodactyl @ 10/3/2016 20:44 commented on Cybersoccer 4141 Perfect Best Selection

Bravo Frankie!  It was really fun to watch it come together.

Scarodactyl @ 10/3/2016 20:04 commented on Sharpener

This is a really great idea!  I hope I get a couple hours at some point to do this.

Scarodactyl @ 8/11/2016 12:11 commented on Big Bird

Imageshack?  Wow, you really are from another era!

Scarodactyl @ 8/3/2016 22:07 commented on Deviant chemistry

What about battlebots?

Scarodactyl @ 6/10/2016 19:49 commented on Interrogation Room Redux!

Jokes about the parenthetical aside, this is a really fun activity that everyone should consider!