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Posted by pixelblink @ 10/30/2005 22:49
Adventure Game Studio (AGS for short) allows you to create your own point-and-click adventure games, similar to the early 90's Sierra and Lucasarts adventures. It consists of an easy-to-use development environment, and run-time engine.

Posted by vampy_09 @ 3/2/2014 19:08

Alferd Spritesheet Unpacker is a small spriting tool which quickly cuts a sprite sheet rip into single frames. 

Posted by feiss @ 4/4/2014 10:51

Edit your tile online and while previewing it on real time.

Posted by piiichan @ 9/15/2010 16:30

Many games you can play directly in your browser without any plugin.

Your browser must support HTML 5. Most modern browser will work with the exception of Internet Explorer.

Great inspiration for pixel artists as well as game programmers.

Posted by AlexHW @ 6/6/2015 13:15

Create 3d scenes and models using 2d tiles. Works like a 2d map editor with a 3rd dimension.

  • Draw and Edit modes to easily add/remove/edit tiles in 3d space.
  • Perspective & Orthographic projection.
  • Export to .obj and use your creations in other programs or in your game development.
  • Modify UVs on tiles, adjust tileset sizes.
  • Rotate, flip, mirror, reverse faces, verts and UVs.
  • Split/cut tiles.
  • Copy/paste tiles.
  • Undo/redo any changes.
  • More!


A new version of Crocotile 3D has been released with a full set of Paint tools. Now you can paint the textures for your 3d models and environments directly within the program.

Crocotile 3D is a tile-based modeling editor. Use tilesets to construct scenes or objects like you would in a 2d map editor, but with an added dimension.

You can try out the program at crocotile3d.com

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/15/2005 15:22

Posted by Pixelated @ 5/5/2009 04:32

 This nice little community has over 10,000 members doing pixel art, game development, music, and more! They'd be glad to meet you. A really nice, helpful community.

Posted by JekHazit @ 1/26/2010 02:01

Engine/Map 001 is an action rpg maker with several features.

Posted by andy0_0black @ 6/20/2010 10:08

Adam Saltsman (Flixel) and Chevy Ray Johnston (FlashPunk) have been collaborating to create the Flash Game Dojo, a site dedicated to supporting flash game development, for both new and experienced developers. It has a pretty wide variety of tutorials and articles, and it's a wiki so it's only going to get more cohesive over time. Furthermore, it has a handy upload feature which allows folks to upload and share their .swfs. It's definitely worth a look.

Posted by JustinGameDesign @ 5/31/2014 07:50

A short but excellent deconstruction of the tiles and colors used in metroid fusion as well as a brief survey of other games.

Posted by antymattar @ 5/26/2010 05:22

Hello all you future flash pixel art game makers. Here Is flixel, Version 2 afcourse. Flixel is a collection of AS3 files Designed to help you test and create retro pixel art games. You can get flixel Aboslutly free, plus you can see some flixel games here at www.flixel.org/


Posted by dpixel @ 2/10/2009 14:25
A great simple language for game creation and more.  Fully compiled (fast).  Built in graphics library.  "Most of the known C libraries can be used directly, without wrappers."  Completely Free.  Large helpful community. 

Posted by sahwar @ 9/28/2014 12:19

Game Develop (GDevelop) is a full featured, open source game development software, allowing to create HTML5 and native games (i.e. Linux or Windows executables) without needing any knowledge in a specific programming language. All the game logic is made thanks to an intuitive and powerful event based system.
It's similar to Scirra Construct v1/v2, but it's complete open source.

Posted by Filax_666 @ 3/11/2006 08:02

Portuguese Game-Development forum..

Posted by Lone Scout @ 3/27/2015 19:26

A free game development program that lets you create games without any coding knowledge.

Free program has a few limitations, though it's good enough for independant use.

Posted by jalonso @ 4/13/2014 05:01

A great tutorial by Indigo on how to do index painting using photoshop.
This is great for time saving production settings.


Posted by cervical_lordosis @ 7/29/2010 06:48

jMonkeyEngine is a game engine for Java programmers. It has lots of built in systems (particles, physics) so you can develop your games without concerning for some frustrating details.

Posted by Lone Scout @ 4/5/2015 09:41

Wikipedia has a list of color palettes for many retro consoles, including demonstration pictures and palette templates. It also comes with information regarding technical limitations.

Good for those trying to emulate a certain era with accuracy.

Posted by pixel_bath @ 10/17/2008 09:27
Motion Welder is simple, free, GUI tool with rich user interface for fast and easy creation of image based animation, for Mobile (J2ME) games.

Posted by rogue pixel @ 10/16/2007 16:49
"Make Games. Make Friends. Have Fun."

Posted by JustinGameDesign @ 5/31/2014 07:55

Things covered in this episode:
- The anatomy of a basic tileset
- Setting up and using Photoshop's grid system for making tiles
- Using Photoshop's Offset filter to make tiles seamless
- Adapting a tiling texture into a tileset
- Some results of a finished basic tileset
- Thoughts and some opinions!

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 12/3/2014 17:39

A similar program to Pyxel Edit. Free trial is available, comes in Window and Mac flavours.

Posted by eghost @ 6/19/2018 08:09

PICO-8 is a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs. When you turn it on, the machine greets you with a shell for typing in Lua commands and provides simple built-in tools for creating your own cartridges.

Posted by Noburo @ 3/26/2014 20:23

Pyxel Edit is a pixel art drawing application especially designed for working with tiles.

Posted by Jinn @ 12/23/2010 20:14

RotSprite is a sprite rotation and scaling utility developed by Xenowhirl.

Posted by Kuroi @ 12/24/2009 04:23

Construct is a free, DirectX 9 game creator for Windows, designed for 2D games. It uses an event based system for defining how the game behaves, in a visual, human-readable way - you don't need to program or script anything at all. It's intuitive for beginners, but powerful enough for advanced users to work without hindrance.

~From Construct website

Posted by Morgengrauen @ 7/30/2008 04:12

This IDE helps you to make your own games - not only sidescrollers. There is a sophisticated (but easy to use)  tile editor, functions to make animated tiles and sprites. The documentation is easy to understand  and provides a how-to for your first steps, showing you how to use everything. The community is always helpful, with the maker of sgdk showing up almost every day to answer all questions. The best thing: you can either script in C# - or you can use a well-designed rule-system to easily piece together your scripts.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 3/18/2015 08:09

The intuitive 2D animation and object creation tool for video game makers.
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Price: Free Trial, Pro $25.00/USD

Posted by x-death @ 1/22/2010 06:17

this place is great, it really helps you understand some of the annoying things related to learning as3. so if your planning on learning as3 then my advice is to visit this place. if you do learning it will be loads easier!

Posted by eghost @ 6/19/2018 08:11

TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

There are built-in tools for development: code, sprites, maps, sound editors and the command line, which is enough to create a mini retro game. At the exit you will get a cartridge file, which can be stored and played on the website.
Also, the game can be packed into a player that works on all popular platforms and distribute as you wish. To make a retro styled game the whole process of creation takes place under some technical limitations: 240x136 pixels display, 16 color palette, 256 8x8 color sprites, 4 channel sound and etc.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/15/2005 14:39

Posted by zihnibabuz @ 5/20/2012 10:30

Unity3D is an game development tool for 2D and 3D games for ps,xbox, pc,mac, ios,android.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/15/2005 14:39

Posted by gamer404 @ 1/5/2008 09:33

Game Maker is an easy Game-design program! Make your art come to life. You can use The Drag and Drop actions, or program in GML!

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