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Posted by avo @ 9/11/2010 23:00

 Very big and nice pixel art tutorial, by Fil Razorback. English translation.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/15/2005 14:53

Posted by Wu! @ 5/3/2009 11:14

This is less a tutorial on pixel art, but on how to create realistic explosions.

For that, this tutorial goes very detailed into the phsics of explosion, since it is a flash-based tutorial, you also get to learn a lot about animating a decent explosion, with a little humour.

highly recommendable

Posted by Nessiah @ 4/14/2013 11:32

 A set of pixel tutorials from Despain that explains how to create game making assets. It has the basics, building your own template and animation tutorials. 

Posted by Psiweapon @ 4/1/2016 19:00

GrafX2 is a great open-source program for editing indexed-color images.

It's a spiritual successor to Deluxe Paint and Brilliance, which were industry standards in the 90's. But that makes the interface quite non-standard for current times, and together with the lack of tutorials many potential users can be put off.

That's why I made this tutorial covering the basics of the interface, to help easing the learning curve for prospective users.


-General description of the interface.
-Mouse uses.
-Layers and animation features.
-Spare page feature.
-How to access in-program help.
-How to access and redefine keybindings.

More to come, make sure to leave your feedback in the comments so I can take it into account and hopefully make upcoming tutorials better :)

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:39
Learn how to draw faces, bodies, hair and more with this handy Manga tutorial site.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:42
A great way to learn some of the different merge tools in Illustrator.

Posted by Nessiah @ 4/14/2013 11:25

 One of the best tutorials I had ever seen. She has comprehensive guides on Human and Animal Anatomy, Emotion Charts, Color Theory and some unique ones like Arabesque. She's provides really nice references and worth the look.

Posted by Mandrill @ 6/2/2015 10:18

Hello everybody,

I want to give back some of the knowledge I have gathered the last few years raoming PJ with all its brilliant art. It covers my take on doing a small piece of pixel art (64x45) from concept, over creating a palette, to pixelling. It is not much, but it may be of help to one or two pixel lovers out there.


Posted by jalonso @ 12/14/2007 20:44

Take Paint further with this gem.
Ever wondered how to scale, clone and make custom sized brushed?
These tips may help. Chapter 2 is useful for creating doublewide pixelart.

Posted by jenninexus @ 5/12/2015 04:20

While researching styles & techniques for pixel art, I've been compiling good finds (tutorials and examples) here on this Pinterest board :-)

Posted by elilaos173 @ 5/12/2015 10:45

Posted by rhlstudios @ 5/20/2015 16:18

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 7/14/2015 07:04

A great resource for this art program. This tutorial is a pretty good starting point.

Posted by jalonso @ 10/1/2010 06:17

Jon Purdy (evincarofautumn) & Kevin Chaloux (Kaiseto) of Purloux Studios have made one of the easiest and comprehensible pixelart basics tutorial to be found. It covers all the basics, from lineart, coloring, specific techniques, and opinions on creating pixelart.

"If you are new to pixelart and can ony read one tutorial, this is the one."

At the end of the Anti-Aliasing (AA) section is a link to their comprehensive Anti-Aliasing tutorial which is a must see/read. It is a detailed overview of the theory/process of AA. It is comprehensive enough for beginners who understand nothing or little about AA.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 10/25/2004 07:45
Lessons on using perspective, cutaways and pricing technical illustration.

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