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Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/20/2005 13:56
Quite an amazing painter, digital illustrator and a musician to boot! All the bases are covered.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:35

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 1/13/2005 13:57
Don Hertzfeldt's animated work is brilliant, but it's hard to find his work anywhere. Apparently they are going to release a DVD with his collected work on it sometime... "At the very earliest, this would see release sometime in late 2005."

Posted by Filax_666 @ 8/4/2006 14:15
Amazing artist who does illustration and design work for films and games.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:10
Unfortunately the web site doesn't really capture the beauty of Dan Chen's sculpture - nor does it have much of a selection. I had a chance to see Don Chen's work at an art fair and each piece had so much character.

Posted by TheZakMan @ 3/30/2010 14:00

My Blog, with some art and pixels too.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 7/29/2004 09:24

One of my absolute favorite web site designs eva eva eva. Oh yeah, the drawings, paintings and skate deck designs are all kickin' too.

Posted by grim666 @ 5/31/2006 00:30
This site is by the artist Feng Zhu wonderful works of art and a big inspiration to all. Hope you enjoy.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:11
This site is worth the visit for the wonderful character illustrations. Brimming with style.

Posted by brod'tam @ 12/3/2006 07:21
Graet artist portfolio...inspiring

Posted by Filax_666 @ 8/10/2006 08:29
Online portfolio of the amazing artist Jason Chan. With a style that comes from the junction of his love for both oriental and ocidental art, Jason is a very promising young artist!

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:44
Amazing vector artist. Gets the most out of Adobe Illustrator.

Posted by kajdax @ 2/26/2008 05:09

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 5/9/2006 15:55

From sketch to finished digital illustration.

Posted by Filax_666 @ 8/10/2006 08:32
Amazing concept artist Kuong Hang, know as noah-kh online, showcases his brilliant, fantasy work!

Posted by yumerou @ 7/30/2007 08:57

Japanese Illustrator Yumerou's gallery website.

Posted by macula @ 12/1/2006 15:18

The art and illustration of Christopher Bonnette. Good reference of mythological creatures.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:30

Really keen vector art and a slick thumbnail navigation scheme.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/13/2004 16:01
Ummm... just a neat site. Nice vector characters in the site design. This site is not in english.

Posted by Lawrence @ 6/15/2007 03:15
This is a great site with a load of art. Great for references and inspiration.

Posted by slay @ 7/18/2007 08:03
landing site for the artist known as Slay

Posted by randomblink @ 1/27/2006 13:54
Wings do not a hero make.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:28
Dark and moody illustrations for your viewing pleasure.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/24/2006 14:17

One of the Wall Street Journal's stipple artists.  Fantastic portraits.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:16
A large collection of vector illustrations using a brush stroke kind of feel.

Posted by Atooi @ 1/20/2006 09:20
STEAMBOT Studios is a collective of freelance digital artists working in the world of visual Entertainment.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/14/2004 12:09
Steve Hanks nude and cat prints are something special. Awwww.

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 8/1/2005 12:34
Beautiful stipple portaits and neat magazine piece collages by Wall Street Journal artist Noli Novak. 

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/15/2005 15:46

Posted by pixelblink @ 12/10/2006 17:10
the art of  Andrew Bell

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 4/13/2004 15:49
The neat pixel/vector characters and cool interface are top notch. Hop on over.

Posted by Filax_666 @ 8/10/2006 08:26

Posted by ukiyo @ 5/13/2005 13:05
Features pixel, pencil and vector art. Pixel art includes site layouts, icons and various objects.

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