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Posted by lodustitan @ 1/14/2018 08:34

Posted by mioscene @ 9/16/2017 03:10

A large set of short tutorials dealing with pixel art fundamentals, animation, and game design!

Posted by pyrometal @ 4/4/2017 11:29

Good resource for the beginner web developer.

Posted by MIERDINSKY @ 1/3/2017 09:53

Pixel art process a soap box

Posted by Doomb33rypi @ 12/3/2016 08:55

A free, 16 bit pixel art editor allowing you to create and animate sprites.

Posted by Vanawy @ 9/10/2016 06:25

Posted by MIERDINSKY @ 6/19/2016 10:07

Creating a zombie sprite using Photoshop. Intuitive color palette, but surely improve the appearance of many pixel parts of the world, or even the entire planet.
Haciendo el sprite de un zombie en pixel art con Photoshop se ve el manejo a ojímetro (hijuepuercazos) o muy intuitiva de la paleta de color, pero de seguro mejorará el aspecto de muchas piezas pixel del mundo, o incluso del planeta entero.




Posted by scriblroid @ 5/7/2016 04:04

A neat little click-through adventure. Watch as an animated character searches for a spare light bulb whilst stumbling through several unexplored rooms inside an eerie castle. Images by Emmanuel Espinasse.

Warning: there are flashing light effects in parts of Super Pixel Quest.

Posted by TZero @ 4/12/2016 22:11

REXPaint is a powerful and user-friendly ASCII art editor. Use a wide variety of tools to create ANSI block/line art, roguelike mockups and maps, and for other roguelike development needs

Posted by Psiweapon @ 4/1/2016 19:00

GrafX2 is a great open-source program for editing indexed-color images.

It's a spiritual successor to Deluxe Paint and Brilliance, which were industry standards in the 90's. But that makes the interface quite non-standard for current times, and together with the lack of tutorials many potential users can be put off.

That's why I made this tutorial covering the basics of the interface, to help easing the learning curve for prospective users.


-General description of the interface.
-Mouse uses.
-Layers and animation features.
-Spare page feature.
-How to access in-program help.
-How to access and redefine keybindings.

More to come, make sure to leave your feedback in the comments so I can take it into account and hopefully make upcoming tutorials better :)

Posted by josemwarrior @ 3/29/2016 11:03

"Pixly is a complete pixel art editor for Android devices. It excels where all other editors for phones and tablets fall short. It has many useful features, and its design was made with phones and tablets in mind.

Here's a quick list of the features you may find in Pixly:

• Animations with onion skinning;

• Layers;

• Mini view with customizable level of zoom for quick preview;

• Dropbox and Google Drive integration;

• Controls intuitive for touchscreen;

Try pinching with two fingers to move and zoom the artboard, or pinching with three fingers to change the brush size!"


The app supports layers, tiles, color ramps, symetry, a lot of color effects...

Give a try!



Posted by jamon @ 3/9/2016 02:23

D-Pixel is a 256 colour bitmap editor designed for editing pixel graphics. It is my own personal editor which I think other people will also enjoy using. It has many features not available in other 256 colour paint programs:

  • Easy to use and simple icon based interface
  • Resolution independent interface and canvas area
  • Smooth zooming and panning
  • A persistent Workspace which automatically saves settings and workspace images on exit, and then loads them back in on the next start of the program
  • Customisable right mouse button, and held left and right mouse button drawing options
  • Many different paint modes, some based on palette entry changes, and others on true colour effects mapped to the current palette
  • Built in 4 layer system for easy erasing of drawing actions
  • Multiple undo / redo system
  • Both full Circle / Ellipse drawing and optional section drawing
  • Tile mapping mode for automatic changes to duplicate tiles

Posted by miminsy @ 2/20/2016 22:32

A very cool isometric project from a fellow pixel artist. Still updated as of January 2016, so feel free to download the template and join in with the rest of them! 

Posted by pixelplonker @ 1/29/2016 15:09

Mainly a design blog, but the page I have linked to has a great 2, 4, and 8 frame walk cycle tutorial.

Posted by DraggonFantasy @ 1/29/2016 10:29

A Pixel art program, that I'm developing. It's still in development, but even current version is pretty usable.
The main feature of the program is extendability by plugins written in JavaScript, so everyone (who knows a little bit JS) can add almost any feature to the program!

Posted by Mandrill @ 1/15/2016 11:39

Easy Pixel Art Editor
Why another pixel art editor? Pixel art is not easy on the phone and the hundreds of pixel art editor APPs in the market are not very user friendly.
Available for Android.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 1/8/2016 13:52

Online tool for optimizing animated gif images to reduce file size. Compress gifs by reducing colormaps or dropping frames.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 1/8/2016 13:40

Our Lose the Wait series is all about improving the performance of your web applications. As we have mentioned, a great way to lose the wait is to lose the weight, as in the weight of your page content. In our last post, we talked about using HTTP compression to reduce the size of the data that needs to be sent to the client, as well as the challenges that are involved.

Posted by Alphasonicbot @ 11/18/2015 14:19

Lets you import and edit or create sprites, see them in a live animation, and save them as an animated gif, PNG, or spritesheet.

Posted by EdJr @ 8/17/2015 11:53
FixelJoint is a little Firefox extension that adds functionality to PJ, like a new comment editor, piece inspector, faving without leaving the page and much more.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 8/10/2015 11:28

Charming 8-Bit GIFs Depicting Every Day Life In Japan by Toyoi Yuuta

Posted by lfschenone @ 7/30/2015 04:03

An infinite canvas of collaborative pixel art. The software prevents anyone from vandalising your drawings, and you can link your pixels to any website you want to promote your work.

Posted by EdJr @ 7/24/2015 15:14

FixelJoint is a little Google Chrome extension that adds functionality to PJ, like a new comment editor, piece inspector, faving without leaving the page, etc.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 7/14/2015 07:04

A great resource for this art program. This tutorial is a pretty good starting point.

Posted by 8 Bit Dreams @ 7/3/2015 11:31

Retired C64 pixel art gallery.


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