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CHALLENGE 5/25/2015: Tiny Sprite

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Topic: CHALLENGE 5/25/2015: Tiny Sprite
Posted By: administrator
Subject: CHALLENGE 5/25/2015: Tiny Sprite
Date Posted: 25 May 2015 at 12:00am

CHALLENGE: Tiny Sprite

Create a character animation within a 16 x 16 canvas. A nice example from the gallery by - AdamAtomic :"> -

Canvas Size - Max 16 x 16.
Colours - Max 16.
Transparency - Required.
Animation - Required.


  • Participants have until this upcoming Sunday at midnight (12AM Pacific) to /pixels/submit_icons.asp - submit their entry (strict). Don't forget to check the 'Submit to weekly challenge' checkbox.
  • Only new pixels allowed.
  • Open to all members.
  • Posting WIPs in this thread or in new threads in the /forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=8 - WIP section is highly encouraged, but ONLY SUBMIT YOUR FINAL ART.


  • Every Sunday at midnight (12AM Pacific) the previous week's entries are judged.
  • Every week a new voting poll will be posted for previous week's entries.
  • Winner announced the following week.


  • Top three finishers will receive an award displayed in your PJ gallery profile for all to see and envy.
  • Top finisher gets to call the following week's challenge...sweet.
  • 'Participation' ribbons will be given for all who enter.
  • No matter what happens you get challenged :)


/pixels/poll.asp?id=1451' name='vote' target='_blank'>Vote now for your favorite pixelart in this week's challenge!


The Tiny Sprite pixel art challenge is complete and we have three new champions. This week's challenge awards go to the following pieces:

/pixelart/95175.htm' target='_blank' class='winner1'>Learning to fly by /p/45404.htm' target='_blank'>Finlal
/pixelart/95078.htm' target='_blank' class='winner2'>The Cat came back by /p/45404.htm' target='_blank'>Finlal
/pixelart/95187.htm' target='_blank' class='winner3'>Hit 'Em Baby! by /p/61176.htm' target='_blank'>Strazt

Thanks so much to all who took the time to vote and participate in the challenge!

/pixelart/95233.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Spaceman running by /p/48062.htm' target='_blank'>Ghosa
/pixelart/95084.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>My Little Friend by /p/62680.htm' target='_blank'>mascot1063
/pixelart/95070.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Possessed Knight by /p/34829.htm' target='_blank'>Mandrill
/pixelart/95258.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Tiny sprite run cycle by /p/40273.htm' target='_blank'>adpdl
/pixelart/95134.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>The Crying Swordsman by /p/41666.htm' target='_blank'>anodomani
/pixelart/95181.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Bird spin by /p/36754.htm' target='_blank'>aeveis
/pixelart/95058.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>The She-Hulk Dance by /p/49536.htm' target='_blank'>HZoltan
/pixelart/95135.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Red box for Weekly Challenge by /p/48706.htm' target='_blank'>dTfromUA
/pixelart/95178.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Quake Guy by /p/62316.htm' target='_blank'>Revanic
/pixelart/95082.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Little Stain by /p/54275.htm' target='_blank'>bmkorkut
/pixelart/95203.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Space ram by /p/45404.htm' target='_blank'>Finlal
/pixelart/95268.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Chest by /p/45404.htm' target='_blank'>Finlal
/pixelart/95217.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Tiny Guard by /p/36920.htm' target='_blank'>Suikostar
/pixelart/95094.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Pickup-master for Weekly Challenge by /p/48706.htm' target='_blank'>dTfromUA
/pixelart/95101.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>RoboVertor by /p/62279.htm' target='_blank'>DakTakLakPak
/pixelart/95266.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>The Prince by /p/3171.htm' target='_blank'>Adarias
/pixelart/95073.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Run Cynthia! by /p/46629.htm' target='_blank'>J-Em
/pixelart/95179.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Banjo & Kazooie Walking (Weekly Challenge) by /p/28166.htm' target='_blank'>Losm
/pixelart/95144.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>lady shotgun by /p/45801.htm' target='_blank'>pavanz
/pixelart/95089.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Shoota boy with gretchin squire by /p/47246.htm' target='_blank'>Morbidus
/pixelart/95251.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Flash by /p/54004.htm' target='_blank'>retroen
/pixelart/95110.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Jalbug by /p/45404.htm' target='_blank'>Finlal
/pixelart/95243.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Running Beemo by /p/48949.htm' target='_blank'>Volrak_Rutra
/pixelart/95131.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Cold blood by /p/50760.htm' target='_blank'>Sonnenstein
/pixelart/95275.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Henshin! by /p/48835.htm' target='_blank'>NowvaB
/pixelart/95279.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Chicken by /p/62966.htm' target='_blank'>NeithR
/pixelart/95174.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Sparring partner by /p/62268.htm' target='_blank'>AKA_Mathieu
/pixelart/95103.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Dance Dance by /p/49367.htm' target='_blank'>ZudZement
/pixelart/95204.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Spyro by /p/30213.htm' target='_blank'>clefairykid
/pixelart/95152.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Mega Man by /p/42236.htm' target='_blank'>Ansimuz
/pixelart/95092.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Tiny Space Marine by /p/35540.htm' target='_blank'>sjhwi1a
/pixelart/95081.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Fat cosmonaut by /p/50760.htm' target='_blank'>Sonnenstein
/pixelart/95100.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Plaguebearer by /p/47246.htm' target='_blank'>Morbidus
/pixelart/95146.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Adventures of the paranoid Charles by /p/45404.htm' target='_blank'>Finlal
/pixelart/95095.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Metroid is a pretty cool guy. by /p/40644.htm' target='_blank'>Lunch
/pixelart/95186.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Smirking Wolf by /p/41015.htm' target='_blank'>LagiaSapphire
/pixelart/95051.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Run, sprite, run by /p/36467.htm' target='_blank'>Nevercreature
/pixelart/95183.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA! by /p/40644.htm' target='_blank'>Lunch
/pixelart/95172.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Rambunctious Kitty by /p/37005.htm' target='_blank'>buprettyinpink
/pixelart/95221.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Nate by /p/62584.htm' target='_blank'>pandcorps
/pixelart/95202.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Elven spearman by /p/47246.htm' target='_blank'>Morbidus
/pixelart/95219.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>doggy run by /p/58402.htm' target='_blank'>CuriousBeefJerky
/pixelart/95255.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Martial Arts x16 Sprite by /p/45373.htm' target='_blank'>Zamaj
/pixelart/95125.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>run away by /p/47279.htm' target='_blank'>Ubranar
/pixelart/95176.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Cub-e Wiggle by /p/48561.htm' target='_blank'>Pix.Ed.
/pixelart/95130.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>tiny zombie by /p/52127.htm' target='_blank'>MVegum
/pixelart/95185.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Lil Robot by /p/55457.htm' target='_blank'>Sturo
/pixelart/95182.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Mini Knight by /p/46165.htm' target='_blank'>Master484
/pixelart/95193.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Skeleton 16x16 by /p/49257.htm' target='_blank'>RBL
/pixelart/95132.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Cheerful Dino by /p/41015.htm' target='_blank'>LagiaSapphire
/pixelart/95224.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Firepillar by /p/45404.htm' target='_blank'>Finlal
/pixelart/95229.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Tiny Dancer by /p/54286.htm' target='_blank'>Schazer
/pixelart/95080.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>A Little Guy by /p/58300.htm' target='_blank'>Momofumi
/pixelart/95079.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Little Frankie by /p/35576.htm' target='_blank'>helcril
/pixelart/95276.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>robot by /p/36283.htm' target='_blank'>marat
/pixelart/95269.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Slime! by /p/47364.htm' target='_blank'>Mega_19
/pixelart/95198.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Running Yeti by /p/45086.htm' target='_blank'>eigenbom
/pixelart/95116.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>bat thing by /p/47461.htm' target='_blank'>Drazile
/pixelart/95252.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Cool Guy by /p/36466.htm' target='_blank'>Bitslap

Posted By: Nevercreature
Date Posted: 25 May 2015 at 4:59am

Posted By: Volrak_Rutra
Date Posted: 25 May 2015 at 5:52am
This shouldn't be too hard

...said he, naively

Posted By: Reo
Date Posted: 25 May 2015 at 8:00am
Did a lil' dude as animation practice. It's been a weak spot for too long!
Did another one
One more

Posted By: clefairykid
Date Posted: 27 May 2015 at 12:37am
struggle town, population: me

I just don't know much about animation yet ; - ; especially frame rates, I've always done things all at the same frame speed and I want to achieve something more subtle, but I don't really know which to make faster and which to make slower, or if it's better to have many more frames for a smoother transition overall, or less

progress... but now I'm thinking it's really not going to work out at all, maybe it's not worth wasting the time on XD

> > > > > > >

I just feel like it's not very readable, mostly because all of the top elements are yellow and you can't really see them at this size... but adding an outline makes him twice the size and appear to be half cut around the edges... then there's the obvious issues of movement in the wings particularly to deal with... it's probably something a bit too tricky for me at this stage of my learning XD

Posted By: jalonso
Date Posted: 27 May 2015 at 11:57am - ATTENTION all Seaman class

------------- - PJs FAQ <> - Sticky Reads

Posted By: Pix.Ed.
Date Posted: 28 May 2015 at 10:41am
Wanted to check opinions on if this is readable or not before I spend any time on animation.


Posted By: Pix.Ed.
Date Posted: 28 May 2015 at 11:16am
Originally posted by clefairykid

I just feel like it's not very readable, mostly because all of the top elements are yellow and you can't really see them at this size... but adding an outline makes him twice the size and appear to be half cut around the edges... then there's the obvious issues of movement in the wings particularly to deal with... it's probably something a bit too tricky for me at this stage of my learning XD

It looks like a cartoony cutesy flying purple dragon with pegasus like wings. If that's what it's meant to be then it's pretty readable. Hope that helps. I like the flying. Particularly how it sort of flutters near the end

Posted By: buprettyinpink
Date Posted: 28 May 2015 at 1:53pm
Kitty :)

Posted By: clefairykid
Date Posted: 28 May 2015 at 3:22pm
if you google the character spyro you'll see what I meant it to be like :P

Posted By: AKA_Mathieu
Date Posted: 28 May 2015 at 4:29pm
I took time to submit something :)

Posted By: Volrak_Rutra
Date Posted: 31 May 2015 at 12:09am
am i the only one getting an error when trying to submit to the challenge?

Posted By: Ghosa
Date Posted: 31 May 2015 at 12:17am
I guess I should get 20 Posts, so I can submit my entry? (I get Error 500 when submitting -_-)

Posted By: clefairykid
Date Posted: 31 May 2015 at 7:06pm
I get error 500 for hours at a time every day, both on the forum and the main site, not specifically from trying to submit, I sent a report about it via the "contact us" button but never heard back, so I'm wondering if it's my end or the site server's struggling? I tried on multiples browsers, multiple locations and multiple internet networks and it still happens soo XD

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