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A new action platformer game in the likeness of Megaman.

The project has been running on personal savings for the last six months, and has turned to Kickstarter to help it come to completion.
All the pixel art is original and authentically created by Mr Special and Sohei.
The game will feature a gameplay style where you switch between the two main characters, which each have different functions and abilities.

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Posted by Mr Special @ 10/2/2014 14:54  |    11


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FinoRaptor (Level 3 Hatchet Man) @ 10/16/2014 08:05

I'm going to be honest, just honest:

I really like the idea of the game, the backgrounds are amazing, made by Sohei.

The main character sprite is really well done and detailed, BUT, as I said I'll be honest, when I saw the kickstarted video I felt like they were edits over the Megaman ZX's Zero sprites. I read that you didn't retraced them here in the comments, but if you did or not it still looks retraced. I don't know if the main character and the enemies sprites are done by the same guy but their styles looks very different, it even made me think that those are really made from 0 and the main character is retraced from the original Zero sprites.

But anyways I know that all of this is WIP, there is no purpose on making a kickstarter for an already finished game so the details on the enemies or the sprites of the main character maybe where not finished yet.

Don't feel bad about all of the comments, I'd play this game, it looks fun and reminiscent to the ZX series but it should have something to shine about. Something on its own. Don't throw this idea to trash or feel discouraged.

Blackbeltdude (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 10/6/2014 14:07

Sure, I'm interested in critiquing it a bit, but I'm sure other people are too. I'd recomend just posting it in your gallery to get some extra opinions. It never hurts.

Mr Special (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 10/6/2014 08:34

@Blackbeltdude, I appreciate your feedback. I am open to criticism and your points are valid. However, I don't take kindly to 7even's comment. I don't have a problem with someone trying to help, or commenting. I do have a problem with small comments aimed at insulting me. Saying, "this character's animations are boring," is not insulting. Legitmate feedback/crit is helpful and I encourage it. I realize the main character has suffered from some large issues. Most of this will be revisited in the future anyway. It was already planned for the sprites to be improved and changed. But with tight deadlines some things had to be shown in their WIP state. Anyway, thank you again for your constructive feedback. If I have time, I will consider PMing you for crit on the animations/design, if you are interested.

Blackbeltdude (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 10/6/2014 07:11

Regardless as to whether or not 7even meant that literally or figuratively, the point still stands that the main character’s animations aren’t unique and aren’t doing anything that helps define your character’s personality.

When I first saw the trailer, I thought you might have been editing over some MMZ sprites too. I checked out some sprite sheets and I didn’t see anything glaring, so I figured that you over-referenced. It can also get to a point were, even if you didn’t literally edit sprites, the end result is so similar that it doesn’t matter.

Your over-referencing essentially creates a “skin” for Zero, so anyone who’s played those games (IE, your main demographic), is going to find the character animations boring. In a game like this, you want the gameplay to be familiar, but the aesthetic is what needs to be fresh.

You’ve also created a degree of style clash within your own character and sprite designs, because the enemies just don’t match the character sprite. The character is much more detailed over all, and uses very different design principles, compared to the Halo-like enemies.

Anyone who’s taking the time to comment wants to help you and your project, so I’d suggest posting your work on the gallery for some useful crit and as a way to further promote your Kickstarter.

Mr Special (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 10/6/2014 00:23

@7even, the main characters' animations are not draw-overs of Mega Man Zero, or any other sprite. It is really insulting to be accused of ripping graphics, or demeaning my work to tracing/draw-overs. The sprites were created in a way to strongly remind the viewer of those games. I will not argue that the style is completely original or unique, as that wasn't the intent with these sprites. But reducing my artwork to "rips" is at the least highly insulting. I did not create these sprites so other artists could judge them on their style's originality. They were created to bring about a sense of familiarity in the player.

caca (Level 2 Kukyu) @ 10/5/2014 21:23

So your stuff IS ripped from Rockman Zero! Knew it.

Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.

7even (Level 9 Nidan) @ 10/5/2014 21:09

Main character animations being draw-overs of Mega Man Zero is really a bummer :/

Groggeneral (Level 1 Rookie) @ 10/5/2014 04:15

Great background work and I like the lighting. I love the Megaman series but this smells too much like a rip off to consider funding or playing it.. The maincharacter, all the enemies and their mechanics, hidden upgrades.

Worst off all, they took away what made Megaman great: The freedom to choose which level you want to do and a playstyle that is based on skill, not on xp-grinding and leveling.

Blackbeltdude (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 10/4/2014 12:40

I don't know if I'd say that it lacks originality... I think it has a very snug fit in the "Megaman Genre" that it's going for though. Some people just want that kind of familiarity.

Though, I think the main character's design and animations probably play into the "lack of originality" more than the concept. The backgrounds that Sohei posted are really fantastic, and have a great sense of atmosphere, but the character designs and animations fail to really fit into that same world (mainly because they're so heavily refrenced from Megaman Zero/ZX).

If Mr. Special posts the animations, I'll crit them then. Regardless, good luck!

beetleking (Level 2 Flatfoot) @ 10/3/2014 14:32

Graphics are super amazing but this game lacks originality :/

Arkan85 (Level 8 Rear Admiral) @ 10/3/2014 12:02

It is a nice game made with unity...

a good topic could be: "how to make pixel-art games with unity"

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