Owlboy Demo Released


D-Pad Studios has released a demo for the Beautiful Indie title "Owlboy", developed by PJ member Snake.

Link to 80 MB download is HERE

Posted by Xamllew @ 8/21/2011 17:24  |    23


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Opacus (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 9/2/2011 04:11

Hmm, I also found it rather dissapointing. I didn't really feel compelled to continue playing it either. All the zooming just completely ruins the art and makes the game look like a mess when you're flying (which is obviously most of the time), the controls are indeed not intuitive. I don't find mouse controls to fit this game at all. WASD and aiming with a cursor is just not something that belongs in a game like this. I also went into some store and found it to be very unclear as to what I could buy and how much it'd cost me, and when I came back out my shooter guy dissapeared and magicaly appeared again in Owl Temple.

Squirrelsquid (Level 4 Shichikyu) @ 8/30/2011 07:56

it's not a problem of carrying NPCs - that has been done before either way - What I don't like is the whole pointing with mouse thing - I never realy liked that in games, except when it was integrated well ( Noitu Love 2, Abuse are the only 2D platforming games where I liked the controls of such).

I prefere to play platformers that don't turn into Robotron. ( and yes, that was also the main point I elaborated in my previews post already)

Dusty (Level 3 Private Eye) @ 8/29/2011 21:35

What's so bad about this though? Think of the NPCs as weapons and it's just like most games -- the player starts with nothing and obtains better weapons. Except now it's a bit more involving since the weapons are actually companions. The only thing this does is make the main character seem physically weak, but is that really that bad?

CELS (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 8/29/2011 05:35

Only now realized that this is a Norwegian game. Heia Norge!

I do agree about the unfortunate pixel distortions though.

Squirrelsquid (Level 4 Shichikyu) @ 8/28/2011 21:51

I can agree there - while Snakes art is stunning as ever, I couldn't feel any 'drive' from the gameplay. Making a product that would seem as something in the vein of zelda/metroid, nut plays a lil like a robotron game when you pick up that guy, and he becomes your turret... funny concept, but nothing that seems to compell the maincharacter at that point, and make him seem more like a means of transport for the NPC... would have been better to have the maincharacter first, use his moves and such, and not rely on a 'turret' to pickup.

I also found the scaling/zooming to feel awkward...

The gameplay might change later on, and it is only a demo, but I sadly found it a bit dissapointing so far...

Gecimen (Level 11 Master Assassin) @ 8/27/2011 17:04

I can't get to play the game, a big error screen appears after the develper title.

skamocore (Level 11 CEO) @ 8/27/2011 00:20

Honestly, I can't say I really enjoyed what I played from the demo; the gameplay seemed awkward and the controls (at least using KB&M) felt unintuitive. Also, the pixel distortions were unfortunate; the non-distorted pixel art though was amazing, as should be expected.

Mrmo Tarius (Level 10 Master Sniper) @ 8/26/2011 00:01

 I actually thought the demo was gratuitously long. Expected it to end after the [spoiler] first 'boss' battle [/spoiler], totally did not expect the second one. or the third one :)

Mrmo Tarius (Level 10 Master Sniper) @ 8/26/2011 00:01

 Oh, and the gnome lair part? Creeped me out immensely. Well done.

Dusty (Level 3 Private Eye) @ 8/25/2011 14:39

Awesome game. The demo was much shorter than I expected it to be, though that could possibly be beceause the game really pulled me in. It's actually pretty hard, and it takes a bit of getting used to aiming such slow-moving projectiles. The game has a lot of charm, and more importantly, such original design. In fact, most of the character designs don't make any sense, but I like it! I also really liked the music, it goes that much further to pull you in.

My only complaint is that the game is constantly zoomed out to give you a wider view, but it distorts the pixelly goodness that the game has to offer :( Oh, and the waiting. Damn... how long ago was this game showed off as a teaser? I guess you can't rush good things but man, it's excrutiating!

DawnBringer (Level 10 Maniac) @ 8/25/2011 08:20

Too bad the screengrabs are crappy enlarged Jpegs... 

skeddles (Level 11 Psychopath) @ 8/25/2011 07:56

Awesome art and music.

Too bad it has save points. Otherwise I'd play it.

manxana (Level 2 Quiet One) @ 8/25/2011 07:06

 Epic art, really.

Zenobia (Level 1 Rookie) @ 8/25/2011 05:30

 This is absolutely amazing. This can make us proud to be pixel artists.

Gecimen (Level 11 Master Assassin) @ 8/25/2011 04:32

The videos seem wonderful, can't wait till I get home.

Opacus (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 8/24/2011 23:07

Yesss, I've been waiting for this. Gonna try this immediately tonight.

Losm (Level 7 Mass Murderer) @ 8/24/2011 20:57

 Beautiful art, beautiful music, beautiful sounds, beautiful game. This is just amazing.

Also, I could just sit down and listen/stare at the title screen for hours and hours.

Jo (Level 5 Rokkyu) @ 8/24/2011 18:52

I want Snake's babies so hard.

neofotistou (Level 5 Captain) @ 8/24/2011 18:13

Have been waiting for so long. Kudos guys!

CELS (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 8/24/2011 17:45

So pretty! Thanks for posting this.

Badassbill (Level 11 Psychopath) @ 8/24/2011 17:17

A game I'm seriously buying twice.

Mrmo Tarius (Level 10 Master Sniper) @ 8/24/2011 15:31

 It is beautiful. Will buy it as soon as it hits Steam O_O

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